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The Pet Zone NY - About Us

At The Pet Zone NY we believe in providing the highest quality care for our puppies and kittens.

Each puppy's cage is cleaned several times throughout the day and the toys are changed frequently to provide our puppies with plenty of mental stimulation and entertainment. They are also socialized and exercised several times a day. Each puppy is fed twice (some breeds 3 times) per day. We primarily use Eukanuba puppy food to provide the highest quality diet but we will sometimes substitute other food for some of the more finicky eaters. Puppies are offered fresh, quality, great tasting water at all times. Puppies and kittens are all checked by one of our veterinarian partners and given a complete wellness exam.

We have developed our ideology of animal husbandry from over 20 years of experience in breeding, show confirmation, obedience competition and being in the pet industry business. Each year the staff attends several trade shows and training seminars to continuously further the knowledge for the care of all our pets, and yours.


All of our puppies come with several rounds of vaccinations and wormings. Not just their "first shots" as you may hear from other puppy stores and breeders. We use the highest quality of vaccinations and wormings.

Each and every puppy is also micro chipped to reduce the risk of your beloved pet not being returned safely home in case of being lost or stolen. Our micro chips have only a 1 time fee to last a lifetime instead of charging you a yearly fee. 24/7 online training is available for you to seek advice on the fastest, easiest way to train your puppy.

Why do we go through our strict animal policies and have such an aggressive pricing structure? Because YOU and YOUR PET deserve a great pet store, The Pet Zone NY is devoted to you..


At The Pet Zone NY all of our puppies are microchipped and protected with Petkey.

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